Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick Write Eden

My imaginary Eden would be a wide open outdoor place. I would have half of the space full of bright green grass, flowers, ponds and trees. The other half would be full of snow hills and trails. I LOVE the summer, so most of my time would be spent on the sunny half, but I also love to do winter activities so I would need some snow for when I get that urge to go snowboarding. The trees would be blossoming with all my favourite fruits, and the air would smell as though the fruits have been freshly squeezed. The only source of light would be from the sun, because cell phones and technology is not what I want this place to be about. The snowy side would be a bit dimmer then the sunny side because you needs the snow to stay. There would be wildlife running around and keeping people entertained. The weight of this place is so light because only the good are accepted. 


  1. It was very descriptive the whole time except for the last sentence. That's the only thing that I think I would change. Other than that I would probably want to live there.

  2. I think you were very discriptive throughout your post. Good job! I also think many people can relate to thing horrible meal weather you are a vegetarian or not. Good job with discribing the smells of the food from person experience.